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General FAQ

Founders Mikey Jeffs and Trever Steele developed the idea while operating and cleaning heavy machinery. They created a prototype to test on some machines, and it worked like a dream. They patented the product and immediately worked to scale production and sales.
The first step in requesting a quote is to know the following for each of the machines in your order.

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Grouser Size

This way when you contact us we will be able to get you exact pricing quickly.

Product Questions

The product consists of three primary pieces; the track shoe, an inside blade, and an outside blade.  A custom built track shoe replaces a single shoe on each track.  The custom shoe has two mounts on each side of the gears.  One mount on the inside of the track near to the cab, and an outside mount on the opposite side.  A blade is installed into each of those mounts.

When the tracks spin as the machine works, the blade scrape the underside of the tracks to clean debris, dirt, mud, ice, and snow.

The blade is a special polyurethane mixture.  The blade is made to be flexible enough to bend through the narrowest spaces between the track and gears, but strong enough to apply pressure to remove all debris including large rocks.  The blade is also formulated to withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.
Life of a blade depends on usage and environmental conditions. Those in extremely cold environments may have shorter blade life due to freezing. Most users will see their blades last at least a year. We do have users that are still on their original set of blades after many years of use.