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Clean Tracks. Happy Workers.

This patented product was developed by frustrated, heavy machine operators. Ending a hard day by shoveling tracks, or shoveling tracks throughout the day on muddy days, causes unnecessary fatigue, wasted time, and inefficiencies. Clean Track solves that problem.

Clean Track was created to solve a relatively minor problem that causes major brain damage.

Factory Track Shoe

Cat, Volvo, Komatsu, and the rest already have it figured out, so we don’t mess with their factory track shoes. We simply weld a mounting bracket to the track shoe to mount the Clean Track blade.

Polyether Blade

The Clean Track blade is made of a custom-blended polyether that is extremely strong to scrape the toughest debris, yet flexible enough to fit through the tightest spaces.


We are so confident on the product that we provide a factory-defect warranty for an entire year.  If the Clean Track blade breaks down due to factory defect, then we will bring you a new one.

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