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Dirty tracks are an expensive problem

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Stop Shoveling Your Tracks

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Increase Productivity and Reduce Operating Costs

Everybody hates dirty tracks, Operators hate cleaning them out and owners hate the down time.  Our Patented technology will automatically clean the dirt, rocks and mud from your tracks so you don’t have to

50% of the maintenance cost of your equipment can be traced back to dirty tracks


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01.Save money on Labor

have you ever calculated how much your are spending each year to clean out the tracks on your equipment? You are wasting money constantly shoveling tracks.


When you implement Clean Tracks patented system you could reduce your undercarriage maintenance costs by up to 50%

02.Increased Productivity

As you decrease the downtime  you will also see an increase in productivity.  Simply put your machines will spend more time working and less time sitting

04.Competitive Advantage

Working smarter and investing in the right tools gives you a competitive advantage. You will get jobs done faster with a better profit margin than your competition

Construction-Grade materials and build

The blade is made of a custom polyether blend to provide strength, spring, and flexibility to fit through tight spaces. The shoe is a factory shoe custom for each make and model.

Factory Track Shoe

Cat, Volvo, Komatsu, and the rest already have it figured out, so we don’t mess with their factory track shoes. We simply weld a mounting bracket to the track shoe to mount the Clean Track blade.

Polyether Blade

The Clean Track blade is made of a custom-blended polyether that is extremely strong to scrape the toughest debris, yet flexible enough to fit through the tightest spaces.


We are so confident on the product that we provide a factory-defect warranty for an entire year.  If the Clean Track blade breaks down due to factory defect, then we will bring you a new one.

Each Clean Track has been custom fitted for every make and model.

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16 Oct, 2015

The Dirty Track Expense


The crawler undercarriage is the most expensive part of any piece of heavy equipment – in most cases it can account for over 20 percent of the total purchase price.  And even more daunting, the undercarriage accounts for over 50 percent of the machine’s maintenance and repair costs.  It’s something to pay attention to. How do you take care of your tracks? Most companies require their workers to shovel the tracks throughout the day, and especially at the end of the workday.  On muddy, snowy, or icy days, workers can end up spending more time cleaning tracks than they do actually performing the work.  It’s inefficient and kills workers.  Not […]

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16 Sep, 2015

Clean Track Story


Mike and Trever, both hard-working professionals, had an idea. Mike was operating his CAT 330 like we always did, but it wasn’t an ordinary day.  It was raining, muddy, and Trever was standing at the side of the machine with a shovel in hand.  The mud was building up so quickly that Trever was forced away from his project to monitor the tracks of Mike’s CAT.  Soaking wet and pissed off, Trever continued to shovel the mud from Mike’s tracks. Over drinks after work, Mike and Trever discussed the problem and brainstormed the idea, which would later become Clean Track. Their bosses loved it, their friends and coworkers loved it, […]

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